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These publications are part of the PhD work of her clinical research at one of the university hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

The results of her study showed that hypnosis had helped significantly in reducing pregnant women's psychological symptoms (stress, anxiety, and depression) and physical symptoms, towards the final stage of their pregnancy. 

This trend is also seen in her therapy in helping women during their pregnancy and preparation of their giving birth. Women are more relaxed and confident during their pregnancy, experienced less symptoms, sleep better at night, and others.

We offer special packages in 'Joyful Pregnancy and Graceful Birthing with Clinical Hypnosis' at our Centre, including training the birthing partner/husband on what to do during labour. 

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Her clinical research programme in the use of hypnosis in pregnancy and child birth has led her to numerous publication at world class journal in clinical hypnosis such as: 

1. Zuhrah Beevi*, Wah Yun Low & Jamiyah Hassan. Impact of Hypnosis Intervention in Alleviating Psychological and Physical Symptoms During Pregnancy.American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.  Volume 58, Issue 4, 2016. pages 368-382. 

2. Zuhrah Beevi*, Wah Yun Low & Jamiyah Hassan. Successful Treatment of Ptyalism Gravidarum With Concomitant Hyperemesis Using Hypnosis. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.  Volume 58, Issue 2, 2015. pages 215-223.. 

Dr. Zuhrah Beevi

Clinical Psychologist. D Hyp (Clinical Hypnosis); BHSc in Psychology; MHSc in Psychology, PhD in Psychology

Zuhrah Beevi has conducted and published a research paper on the efficacy of hypnosis intervention in the management of physical and psychological symptoms during pregnancy. Her ongoing PhD research is also involving the use of hypnosis in pregnancy and birth. 

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