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Our Credentials

The very best from London, Scotland and Europe is now available in Kuala Lumpur.

Clinical Hypnotherapists at the LCCH Therapy Centre @ Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur are amongst the most rigorously trained practitioner in Asia. You can expect the very best in professional Clinical Hypnotherapy treatment, Psychotherapy, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

The London College of Clinical Hypnosis (UK) offer the only Master’s degree (MSc) level course based training in the world in collaboration with the University of West London. This curriculum is also available in Malaysia and Singapore and accredited by the University of West London.  Practitioners at LCCH Therapy Centre are graduates and faculty members of the LCCH. The standard of code of good practice and ethical conduct is regulated by both the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and in Malaysia, the Malaysian Society of Clinical Hypnosis as well. Some of our Practitioners are the Members or Affiliate Members to the Academy of Family Physicians Malaysia too. 

The LCCH was established in 1984 and has 30 years clinical experience in this field. Graduates include medical specialists and healthcare professionals such as psychiatrists, surgeons, anaesthetists, dentists, cardiologists and obstetricians as well as counsellors, psychologists throughout Scotland, the UK, Europe and Asia.

LCCH have various initiatives in UK hospitals and health centres include pioneering NHS projects, teaching hospital associations and the placement of clinical hypnotherapists at Gartnavel Hospital, The Beatson Cancer Centre, Marie Curie Hospice, Maggie's Cancer Centres and many hospices in Scotland and within GP surgeries.

In Malaysia, the LCCH has pioneered the research programme on chronic pain management using clinical  hypnotherapy at University Malaya Medical Centre. At this same centre the LCCH conducted the first scientifically documented and successfully performed surgery using hypnosis as the sole anaesthesia for a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome whilst a member of the LCCH Team research the use of clinical hypnotherapy in childbirth and pregnancy.

The LCCH collaborated with the Agensi Antidadah Kebangsaan (AADK) to successfully incorporate clinical hypnotherapy as an adjunct treatment for Addiction. Other studies include the use of clinical hypnosis as an adjunct to surgery (in a Malaysian General Hospital) and the proposed collaboration to treat morbid obesity in patients awaiting Bariatric Surgery.

Our collaborative, integrative approach with medical treatment enables the Medical Professionals to excel in their work, enhance patient satisfaction, doctors’ fulfilment and supports the comprehensive and holistic process of physical, emotional and mental healing.

We can offer appointments during the day, evenings or weekends and you have a choice of male or female therapists.

Our Centre Coordinator will be happy to answer all of your questions.

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