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LLM (London), DHyp, MSCH, BSCH

Kek Hoe, or “KH” as he is known to most people, is a qualified hypnotherapist who has held a Practitioner Diploma from the London College of Clinical Hypnosis since 2012. Post qualification, he lectured and tutored students of LCCH Asia in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for a couple of years.

If he were to be asked what contribution he sees himself offering, as therapist, trainer or coach, KH would say, “My mission is to help people get unstuck.” That means that he is open to supporting clients, whatever personal challenges they may be facing.

In a previous life, he was a lawyer of more than 35 years’ standing, with 25 years of legal practice experience principally in the areas of business and finance law. Before retiring from the legal profession he spent 13 years as the partner responsible for knowledge management at a leading legal firm in Kuala Lumpur, engaging with career lawyers in legal skills training and coaching.

His keen interest in training and coaching in living skills go as far back as 2002 when he was involved in preparing the first batch of trainers for the character building component of the National Service Training Programme in Malaysia.

A believer in life-long learning, he takes a keen interest in science, technology and the arts, with a definite bias for the exciting possibilities inherent in the fields of mind-body interactions and human potential development.

Approaching his mid-60s, KH is deliberate in taking care of body, mind and spirit, determined that his best years are still ahead of him. Blessed with two grown-up children, he looks forward to many more years of a fulfilling and meaningful life.