Dato Dr. A. Damodaran

Consultant Anaestesiologist, KL. 

What is the Ethics Committee?

The purpose of the Ethics Committee, Clinical Supervision Advisory Board at LCCH Therapy Centre is to support patients, clients and therapists in the resolution of ethical or conduct issues that may occur in the course of therapy.

Who are the members of the Ethics Committee?

The members of the Ethics Committee come from the non-practicing Directors of the LCCH Therapy Centre @ Pantai Hospital KL. They are respectable public figures as well as experts in their respective fields, consist of a Consultant Psychiatrist (Dr. Khairi Che Mat), a Consultant Anaesthesiologist (Dato Dr. A. Damodaran), an Integrated Psychotherapist (Yasmin Headley) and a Family Medicine Physician (Dr. Siva Shanmuganathan).   

What does the Ethics Committee do?

The main role of the Ethics Committee is to review specific, individual patient/client-care situations, dilemmas or complaints. After the review, the Committee provides an opinion about the situation from an ethical point of view. The consultation process aims to assist all those involved in having an open discussion about the patient’s care. The outcome of the consult is a recommendation about which course of action would be in the patient’s best interests. Basically, the consultation is honest and thoughtful advice to the patient/client, family and therapist. 

When is a Ethics consultation appropriate?

Sometimes patients/clients, families and therapists have very difficult choices to make. They can face dilemmas and may need to review ethical questions and concerns. Discussions with the Ethics Committee can be helpful and reassuring when confronting a challenging issues.

Therapists and families each have the best interests of the patient/client at heart. However, sometimes patients/clients or family members may differ with each other or with therapists in how they see and understand the patient’s clinical conditions and options for treatment or care. A Ethics Committee consultation may prove helpful at times of such disagreement. An independent review of the case focusing on ethical issues can serve to clarify matters for everyone involved.

How does one access the Ethics Committee?

Patients, family members and professional staff all have the right to request an Ethics consultation. A consultation/complaint may be requested by calling the LCCH Therapy Centre's Administrator/Coordinator and requesting that the one of the Ethics Committee member be contacted. Be sure to leave a contact number or email as well as the name and location of the patient/client involved. Once a request is made, the consultation will occur within three working days. An emergency consultation will take place within 24 hours. 

Patients, clients or family members can also email to: lcchtherapycentre@gmail.com 

Or Call: 03 22 800 804.

Yaz Headley

Psychotherapist, London, UK.

Ethics Committee,

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